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A Touch of Class

Another review for the United Inkdom and this time I was lent six pens to try, all hand made by John Sanderson of Silverburl Pens – – and what a beautiful selection of pens they are too.

These pens immediately caught my attention, not only because some of them are sparkly, but because the attention to detail, the materials used and the variety is impressive.

John is a mechanical engineer, albeit retired, but as you can see he’s put those skills to brilliant effect, plus he’s been making pens for 30 years, so he’s honed his one-time hobby into a fine craft. He offers pens made from wood, pine cone hearts, resin, ebonite and hybrid wood/resin. To add that bit extra he uses Argentium silver for the accent rings and pocket clips, which is more durable and is also hypoallergenic, so for those of us who are a wee bit sensitive, it’s perfect.

The Argentium silver is an inspired choice, as the shine on it is lustrous. What I also love are the different clip designs, making the pens that little bit more unique, as well as the size and number of rings you could add. These truly are pens that are customisable so you come away with something that is entirely personal to you.

So, they look amazing but how are they to write with? I had a number of letters to write so took the opportunity to use the three pens that had Bock #6 medium nibs, though if you have a specific nib requirement John will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

They come with cartridge converters but you can also use standard international ink cartridges. These pens were light, very well balanced and comfortable for writing at least five pages without tiring. The sections were perfect and even there John varies the design, which is another lovely detail. The threads between the barrel and the section didn’t inpinge on me at all, which I really appreciate. I didn’t try to post the pen, but they are a decent length of, on average, 154mm capped and 140mm uncapped, so I’m not sure you would need to. The diameter of the pens vary from 13mm to 14mm, so perfectly comfortable in the hand.

VFM – considering the craftsmanship, quality and each pen being completely unique I think the value is excellent with pens going from as little as £95 for an alumilite resin pen with no silver accents up to £225 for resin, silver rings and clip.

I look forward to adding one of his pens to my collection.

NB: These pens were lent to me to review; I’m not affiliated to John Sanderson.

By jomatthews

Colour, that's what I love and I get my colour fix from fountain pens and because they provide practically every colour under the sun the possibilities for use are only down to the limits of your imagination.

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