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Finally 2021 arrives and we’re still stuck at home, though there are good things on the horizon in the form of the vaccine. Happy days!

Naturally one tries to find things to occupy ones time (when not working I hasten to add) and I had been umming and ahhing about getting a new fountain pen.

I have taken up an offer to buy a Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR) pen and I’ve gone for a Himalaya V2 Chrome in Taj Mahal White with a steel EF ultra flex nib. However, I’m not expecting it to arrive for a while but I still had an itch for something new.

Prior to Christmas, Bernardo Gomes, of the facebook group Fountain Pens UK, together with a skilled and talented array of speakers, organised the 12 Days of Fountain Pens 2020. A chance for enthusiasts to join via Zoom to listen and participate in some fascinating talks ranging from Mont Blancs, inks, pen care, nibs and paper and much more.

One of the speakers was Phil Dart of Beaufort Ink,, who sells fountain pen parts and more importantly, Bock nibs. Suddenly the skies parted and after perusing the site I knew I just had to get one to put into one of my John Garnham pens.

So, just after Christmas I took the plunge and bought a #6 standard Bock nib in broad with purple lacquer, ’cause why not? And then a medium semi-flex titanium nib. Just as well I have two JG pens to put them in, isn’t it?

I’m usually a fine nib person but for some reason I’ve been fascinated by Broad nibs and then another speaker, who is a lover of flex nibs, said that a Titanium nib has some flex to it, though she also said a Palladium nib has even more, and as a lover of flex nibs too I had to have one of those as well.

On arrival I excitedly swapped out the two Bock fine nibs, which is a doddle to do, and replaced with my new ones. And lo, it’s like having two new pens.

I like the thicker line of the broad, ideal for sheening and shimmer inks, and the titanium is lovely; soft with bounce and some nice line variation, though I was super careful not to force it, as the last thing I need is to spring the tines.

So, if you’ve got a pen that you can remove the nib housing from it, then I highly recommend this route for bringing new life to your pens.

NB: no affiliation to Beaufort Ink, nibs purchased myself.

By jomatthews

Colour, that's what I love and I get my colour fix from fountain pens and because they provide practically every colour under the sun the possibilities for use are only down to the limits of your imagination.

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