Diamine Inkvent Blue Edition Review

It was suggested by the very talented Nick Stewart, an artist that uses fountain pen inks to create beautiful art, to Scribble Monboddo, of United Inkdom fame, that I join members of the Fountain Pen UK facebook group to participate in a review of Diamine’s Inkvent Blue Edition inks, which was both surprising, as blogging isn’t exactly one of my fortes, and pleasing, so here goes.

Diamine released their 2019 Inkvent calendar containing 25 new inks (I know, surprising huh!) comprising of a mix of standard inks, shimmer inks and the always popular, sheening inks.
At the time the feedback was very positive, so positive that they decided to release the inks in gorgeous 50ml glass bottles, which remind me of inkwells.

I must admit that at the time I didn’t get one, but enjoyed them vicariously through posts on FPUK, they looked gorgeous, so I took the plunge and bought three of them – Ho Ho Ho, Fire Embers and Roasted Chestnut. They did not disappoint.

Ho Ho Ho is a standard bright, warm red with hints of orange, which carries across to Fire Embers, a lovely deep orange that to my mind does indeed glow; and finally Roasted Chestnut, another standard ink but such a deep, warm brown with a hint of red. All three inks are sumptuous and lay down a nice wet line when writing. They don’t sheen, but that’s ok, as the colours speak for themselves.

Scribble then kindly sent me seven samples to try: Gold Star (shimmer), Blue Peppermint (shimmer), Polar Glow (sheen), Midnight Hour (sheen), Purple Bow (standard), Winter Miracle (shimmer) and Triple Chocolate (standard) and a nicer bunch of inks you couldn’t ask for.

The Shimmers I have a confession to make. I hadn’t thoroughly checked what the properties of the inks were, i.e. shimmer, sheen or standard and I discovered, after I forwarded my samples to another reviewer, that Blue Peppermint and Winter Miracle were both shimmer inks. If you’re at all familiar with shimmer inks, you have to shake the bottle vigorously to get the particles to spread through the ink before using. Naturally I didn’t do that to these two, though Winter Miracle has some great sheening to it and Blue Peppermint is a nice shading ink, so you win some, you lose some. All being well when the meta review appears on United Inkdom, one or two of the other reviewers will have swatched them with all their beautiful shimmery goodness.

The Sheens do not fail to deliver on their promise of the beautiful metallic sheen that have a lot of fountain pen ink enthusiasts swooning over. Polar Glow is a really attractive blue, rather similar to Blackstone Barrier Reef Blue but a tad bit richer and a brighter pink sheen. Midnight Hour can be compared to Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue, except that this ink is more saturated and that coppery sheen is quite something to behold.

The Standards might not have the pazazz of shimmer or the metallic glow of a sheening ink, but they’re jolly nice inks. Purple Bow is a rich ink with the nice surprise of a little sheen to it. Triple Chocolate reminds me of a hot chocolate or tasty milk chocolate bar, so you might find yourself craving some when writing with it.

In conclusion Diamine have once more produced a set of inks that are a real pleasure to use and look at, whether thats for writing or for art, providing something for everyone at a reasonable price. So, if you’re in the mood for a new ink, do check them out and keep an eye out for United Inkdom’s meta review to see all 25 inks being poured over.

Swatches done on Made for Ink’s Pit Boss swatch cards and writing sample on my, exclusive to FPUK, journal made by Rob De La Port of Made for Ink. He has some fab notebooks, etc, perfect for fountain pen users. To note I am not affiliated to Diamine or Made for Ink, just love giving out positive messages about products I enjoy.

By jomatthews

Colour, that's what I love and I get my colour fix from fountain pens and because they provide practically every colour under the sun and the possibilities for use are only down to the limits of your imagination.

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